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Mine Safety Monitoring

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With the continuous mining of large metal/non-metal open-pit mines, the height of waste dump, as a huge artificial loose cushion, is constantly increasing, and there will inevitably be serious safety problems. The instability of waste dump will lead to mine waste dump disasters and major engineering accidents, not only affecting the normal production of the mine and the personal safety of employees, but also directly causing huge economic losses to the mine.

Online safety monitoring of mine engineering is to conduct real-time and systematic scientific analysis of slope engineering shape changes based on slope engineering monitoring data, so as to achieve the purpose of predicting in advance, avoiding and reducing unsafe factors of slope. It provides reliable data and scientific basis for correct analysis, evaluation, prediction, prediction and treatment of unstable slope areas.

Mide mine safety monitoring system uses high-precision satellite positioning system, which can timely grasp the deformation of the slope accumulation area of the waste dump, analyze the deformation law, predict the possible range of slope and landslide change and its trend, provide valuable reference information for the managers to take corresponding treatment measures in time, and ultimately ensure the normal production and construction of mining enterprises and personnel safety.

● Based on the current situation of the mine and the hydrogeological conditions, the GNSS+sensor monitoring points shall be reasonably arranged to form a complete monitoring profile and monitoring network, and become a systematic and three-dimensional deformation monitoring system;

● The monitoring system can realize automatic data acquisition, transmission, calculation and storage;
●Grasp the three-dimensional deformation (displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc.) of the dangerous area in real time and quickly, carry out statistical analysis on the deformation data, and establish a long-term monitoring system;

●Timely and quickly evaluate the current situation of the landslide area and the affected area, and carry out prediction and prediction to provide decision-making basis for the management personnel and relevant experts.
●The system supports multi-level alarm and sends the alarm information to the relevant responsible person in various ways to minimize the possible disasters;

●Combined with the monitoring data obtained by other monitoring methods, further predict the trend of slope and landslide deformation, and guide the site planning and construction;

system composition

The mine safety monitoring system is composed of data acquisition, transmission, processing and analysis, auxiliary support and other subsystems.

Simulation scenario

System features

●MIDE MRX200 multi-system multi-frequency point monitoring special receiver, industrial design, with photoelectric isolation function.

●High-frequency wireless data transmission technology, two-way communication, can transmit video signals.

●The monitoring software uses professional SQL database, and supports the use of change curves and 3D models to comprehensively display the displacement of monitoring points.

●The alarm functions and methods are diversified. When the displacement, speed and acceleration in all directions exceed the limit, the alarm can be sent through SMS, email, voice and light, and web page pop-up box.

●The monitoring system has perfect lightning protection measures, which can effectively prevent the impact of direct lightning and inductive lightning on the system.

Product layout

Actual view of mine safety monitoring


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