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Precision Agriculture - Smart Farming & Agricultural Antennas

Smart precision agriculture, also known as precision agriculture or smart farming,which is a comprehensive combination of information technology and agricultural production. Precision agriculture is a comprehensive and integrated high-tech smart agricultural application system specifically for field crop cultivation that has emerged in recent years. Agricultural activities such as seeding, spraying and harvesting require agricultural machinery with good trajectory, high gain, high precision and stability. The development of high precision positioning and navigation technology and GNSS agricultural antennas effectively realize the intelligence and mechanization of various agricultural activities, which help to improve precision agricultural productivity and help farmers to enhance production efficiency by driving agricultural machinery automatically. In precision agriculture, Mide, as a professional farming & agricultural antennas manufacturer and supplier, can provide high precision and high quality antennas for various farm machinery such as smart agricultural antennas, irrigation and conversion antennas and farming antennas.

High accuracy GNSS technologies were largely used in farming for auto guidance, auto leveling and other applications. Farmers are going to use high precision agriculture technologies in order to use less fertilizer, save cost and protect the environment.. While we can’t control the weather or crop prices, our agricultural antenna solutions can help simplify your workflows. Easier farming with precision – it's what we do.


Automatic driving system is a comprehensive system integrating satellite signal reception, positioning & orientation and automatic control. GNSS high-precision satellite navigation system is the key to automatic driving system, mainly composed of GNSS high-precision antennas and positioning & orientation terminals. It can obtain high-precision position information in real time. According to the parameters such as the position and attitude, automatic driving system sends instructions to the steering system in real time based on the calculation of the controller. In this way, agricultural machinery can work according to the planned route of the navigation displayer. This is also one of the important applications of smart agricultural machinery antenna, in precision agriculture.

Planting and Seeding

Mide provides customized GNSS high-precision agricultural antennas, wireless data radios and positioning solutions. The combination of GNSS high-precision agricultural antennas and wireless data radios, and smart antennas can determine the position, heading, and attitude of agricultural machinery. While improving the efficiency of agricultural machinery, it can ensure centimeter-level accuracy of farmland operations such as tilling, sowing, spraying, and harvesting. In this way, labor intensity is brought down, time investment and fuel consumption are reduced and per unit area yield is increased.

Smart Farm Agriculture Antennas Advantages

Precision agriculture is a comprehensive application of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and computer automatic control system. Then come automatic driving, yield measurement, flow control, variable control, sowing control and information sharing, which can improve the standardization of agricultural production and promote land efficiency.


Compatible with gps/glonass, the positioning error of ±2.5cm is realized through RTK differential technology

High Benefit

Avoid repeated leakage, stabilize the handover and improve the land utilization rate by 3-5%

Easy Operation

Reduce labor intensity and reduce the experience requirements for drivers

All Weather Operation

Realize 7*24-hour operation and complete the operation in time


We have a strong and professional technical team of agricultural antennas, familiar with the application of antennas in smart farming and agriculture, able to provide practical farming & agricultural antenna solutions according to different environments to meet customer needs.




Geodetic Antenna MG4N08A features a multi-point feeding design to achieve greater phase center stability. It effectively improves measurement accuracy and provides better RTK solution. And has passed the international NGS certificate test.

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MG3703A adopts a multi-feed point design scheme to achieve the coincidence of the phase center and the geometric center, and minimize the influence of the antenna on the measurement error.

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MG4N57A has the characteristics of high gain, miniaturization, high sensitivity, multi-system compatibility and high reliability, which can effectively meet the needs of users.

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MRY100C supports two working modes: mobile station and base station. It can be used as a portable mobile base station and a network base station to realize low-cost network CORS networking scheme.

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