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Convenient and Safe Automatic Travel

Accurate GNSS positioning solution is the most important part of the unmanned systems. The high gain of the UAV antenna unit, its excellent low elevation angle and anti-interference performance guarantee the antenna's tracking ability of all-weather satellite in various complex environments. With the help of the GNSS technology development, the UAV and UGV became a hot topic in different industries. UAV plays an important role in improving life and production efficiency, reducing workload and production costs, enhancing accuracy and operational safety. At present, it has been widely used in agricultural plant protection, electric power inspection, express transportation, police law enforcement, geological exploration, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention and aerial photography of film and television. Mide is a professional UAV/drone GPS antenna manufacturers. We can provide UAV antenna for your drone, Welcome to contact us to get wholesale price for your drone gps antenna, aircraft GNSS antennas, internal/external marine GPS antenna!

Sweepng Robots antenna

Sweeping Robots

With GNSS technology, high-precision, high-speed real-time precise navigation and positioning can be achieved, and this is the main technical means of outdoor positioning. Outdoor robots can achieve sub-meter, decimeter and centimeter-level positioning accuracy in real time through differential technology, precise single-point positioning technology and other means. Combined with inertial navigation, vision, radar and other sensors, high-precision positioning in various complex environments can be realized.

UAV antenna


UAV antenna is equivalent to the "eye" of UAV. High-precision positioning supports signal reception of GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO and satellite-based augmentation systems,providing multi-system multi-directional strong satellite signals to provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy, while effectively dealing with interference between systems in the UAV's long-distance multi-band working environment, so that the UAV always maintains directional fixation during the automatic flight, providing high safety, to ensure the reliability and controllability of the UAV in the work. Mide, a professional UAV antenna system manufacturer, has a wealth of UAV GPS antenna solutions. Let us discuss the UAV antenna tracking control system and make the world a better place.

Unmanned Ship antenna

Unmanned Ship

Internal/external marine GPS antenna, mainly used for unmanned mapping ships. Unmanned ship for surveying and mapping is mainly used in small rivers , reservoirs ,wharves and ports, The industries include: river-road dredging, reservoir capacity, port construction, water quality detection, river cross-section measurement, underwater scanning& radar and other marine surveying and mapping work.

robots antenna

Mower Robots

Mide has been committed to high-precision positioning antenna industry for many years and has deep technology accumulation and advanced products with intellectual property. To meet the increasing needs of robot industry, Mide provides high-precision GNSS antennas that can be designed and produced according to customized requirements. These antennas feature high precision, small size, stable phase center, high gain and good compatibility. At present, Mide high-precision antennas have been widely applied by many lawn mower and marking robot manufacturers at home and abroad.

UVA Antenna Manufacturing Advantages

Traditional UAV antenna is subject to antenna height, so it's difficult to integrate the antenna with UAV fuselage. The electromagnetic environment interference and the special application environment also put more requirements on industrial-grade UAV antenna.

Mide as a professional UAV GPS antenna  manufacturer, we have a group of strong & professional technology team for uav antenna design manufacture and uav antenna tracking control system, being familiar with industrial applications and can provide practical solutions to meet customized needs according to different environment. Mide has two goals: one is to further improve the performance on the basis of antenna solution innovation; the other is to make antennas more suitable for customers’ terminal UAVs. In addition to high gain UAV antennas, Mide can also provide commercial aviation antennas,internal/external marine GPS antennas, etc.

High Operation Efficiency Single Day

Operation time with tilt camera can reach 50min

Strong Environmental Adaptability

Support ground simulation flight, wind resistance up to level 6, 17km data map integrated data link

Image Control Free

100Hz image control free,Dual antenna positioning and auto tracking, long distance directional

Stable Operation Under Strong Interference Conditions

100Hz rtk/ppk differential system is configured to realize 1:500 tilt free image control


For the needs of UAV industry applications, Mide provides professional UAV antenna and UAV antenna tracking control system design manufacture and wholesale for industry UAV customers, flexibly meeting the differentiated needs of different UAV products and making UAV operations more intelligent and efficient.




MH3701A is a high-performance GNSS antenna, which is mainly used in navigation dispatch, tracking monitoring, disaster monitoring, aerial photography, power inspection, traffic patrol, etc.

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MH4N12A is a four-star full frequency spiral antenna, which has the characteristics of small size, high positioning accuracy and light weight.

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MH4N13A is a high-precision GNSS spiral antenna, which is widely used in unmanned driving, handheld terminal equipment and small RTK equipment.

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MH3701C is a small size and light weight high-precision GNSS helix antenna, which is widely used in unmanned driving, drones, handheld terminal equipment and small RTK equipment.

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