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Reservoir Safety Monitor

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The reservoir located in Pingliang City, Gansu Province has a total capacity of 2.5035 million cubic meters, a dam crest elevation of 1800 meters, a maximum dam height of 30.4 meters, a dam crest length of 150 meters, and a normal water storage level of 1793.84 meters. In August 2009, the reservoir was reinforced. The monitoring system for reservoir rainfall and dam safety consists of a set of rainfall detection system (including reservoir water level, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity), a set of seepage monitoring system, and five sets of GNSS Deformation monitoring monitoring systems. The monitoring system adopts local deployment mode to realize the integration of rainfall regime, seepage and Deformation monitoring monitoring systems. Users can view and manage the reservoir rainfall and flow meter Deformation monitoring data in real time through the webpage, providing data support for the safe operation of the Daying Dam.

Reservoir safety monitor GNSS antenna


Field installation drawing of reservoir Deformation monitoring system


With multi-path suppression technology, 3D Choke ring antenna can effectively eliminate signal transmission errors. It also has anti-interference performance, which can suppress useless electromagnetic signals and prevent the receiver from being blocked by power grids, communication base stations and radio stations. Choke ring antenna features low elevation angle, high gain, good signal reception and stable phase center, which ensures sub-millimeter positioning accuracy. At present, choke ring antennas are widely used in the field of high-precision surveying and mapping, CORS station, bridge,and building deformation monitoring and geological monitoring due to its sub-millimeter phase center stability.


  • 3D chock ring structure design with excellent multipath rejection capability
  • Sub-millimeter level phase center error with outstanding stability and repeatability
  • Superior IP68 waterproof and dustproof level make it capable for work in harsh environment
  • Mini design with Ruggedization and Durability

Monitoring system management main interface

Monitoring system management main interface

Deformation monitoring data

Deformation monitoring data

Deformation monitoring Chart

Deformation monitoring Chart


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