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Millimeter High Precision GNSS Choke Ring Antenna with Strong Multi-path Suppression


Choke Ring GPS/GNSS Antenna

Choke ring antenna is a high performance GNSS antenna for base station that can track GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, BeiDou Global and Galileo. The choke ring antenna design can meet the requirements of high precision and multi-system compatibility of measurement equipment. The choke ring GPS antenna phase center of this product has high stability and high positioning accuracy. And GNSS choke ring antennas have specially designed filters that reduce multi-path signals in the L1 and L2 bands of the same antenna configuration. Choke ring antennas are notable for their ability to reject multi-path signals from a source.

The GPS choke ring antenna offered by Mide is a mini choke ring antenna with strong multi-path suppression performance, specifically designed for land surveying, precision agriculture, deformation monitoring, CORS and related GNSS applications require absolute positioning accuracy and multi-constellation support. These choke ring GPS/GNSS antenna details are perfectly finished and each antenna is proven to provide accurate data to meet the operator's needs and ensure stable performance over time. If you want to know more about GNSS choke ring antenna design, details and choke ring antenna price, you can contact us and get our one-on-one professional guidance and wholesale choke ring antenna price!


  • 3D chock ring structure design with excellent multipath rejection capability
  • Sub-millimeter level phase center error with outstanding stability and repeatability
  • Superior IP68 waterproof and dustproof level make it capable for work in harsh environment
  • Mini design with Ruggedization and Durability
choke ring gps antenna


With multi-path suppression technology, 3D Choke ring antenna can effectively eliminate signal transmission errors. It also has anti-interference performance, which can suppress useless electromagnetic signals and prevent the receiver from being blocked by power grids, communication base stations and radio stations. Choke ring antenna features low elevation angle, high gain, good signal reception and stable phase center, which ensures sub-millimeter positioning accuracy. At present, choke ring antennas are widely used in the field of high-precision surveying and mapping, CORS station, bridge,and building deformation monitoring and geological monitoring due to its sub-millimeter phase center stability.

gnss choke ring antenna

Choke Ring GPS/GNSS Antenna for Sale



MC4N04A Adopt choke structure design,Multipath suppression effect is excellent,Millimeter accuracy,High stability of phase center,Cover all frequency.

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Choke Ring GPS Antenna FAQS

What is choke ring antenna?

Choke ring antenna is a high performance GNSS antenna for base station. GNSS choke ring antenna uses an aluminum alloy structure, and the mushroom head design of the protective cover prevents its complex design structure from being damaged by exposure to the natural environment.

Can you provide the design of choke ring antenna?

We can provide choke ring antenna design and technical guidance, as well as solutions for application scenarios, etc.

What is the principle of choke antenna design?

3D choke ring antenna is composed of four concentric choke rings including the central base and the periphery. The height of the choke ring gradually decreases from the inside to the outside, and the overall shape is pyramid. Multi band coverage is achieved by using multilayer patch stacking. Each patch in the multi-layer patch structure can realize the corresponding frequency points. The target frequency band can be radiated by adjusting the patch size, and the multi band coverage can be achieved by controlling the stacking order of the patches and the position of the feed points, which can meet the requirements of high-precision and multi system compatibility of the current measuring equipment.

How much accuracy can the gnss choke ring antenna achieve?

The design of choke ring antenna can meet the demand of high precision of survey equipment, usually the GNSS choke ring antenna can reach the sub-millimeter level of survey accuracy, which can fully meet the geodetic survey and deformation monitoring, etc.



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