Our products can be used in Surveying、Surveying and
Mapping、Drone、Deformation Monitoring and Unmanned
Vehicles & Robotics


With advanced high precision GNSS core technology ,we can supply the whole solutions for high-precision positioning applications worldwide,help you to simplify the workflow of high precision geospatial data collection, providing reliable high precision positioning for your specific demanding in surveying,agriculture, engineering and unmanned systems, Our passion for innovation, combined with many years of digital insights, make us uniquely qualified to solve the most complex physical-world problems for the many industries we serve.

Professional team dedicated to GNSS technology

Backed by our team dedicated to GNSS technology, GNSS products you choose from us today will be never outmoded in the future. With advanced high precision GNSS core technology,we can supply a variety of GNSS solutions,including GNSS receivers and related software,to improve your productivity in the field.

Design and customize

We have a group of strong & professional technology team ,being familiar with industrial applications and can provide practical solutions to meet customized needs according to different environment, help you solve your industry's most complex challenges and uncover opportunities to work smarter.


Connecting the physical earth with the digital world, full knowledge of offering “accurate” solutions to those land surveyors.

As the first large scale application for high accuracy GNSS technology, land surveying plays a very important role in making the technology popular. Use Mide Geospatial solutions to leverage automated workflows and high precision spatial data to inform intelligent decision making. Accurate and reliable geospatial information is at the core of our mission.

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Unmanned System

Convenient and safe automatic travel

Accurate GNSS positioning solution is the most important part of the unmanned systems. No doubts that one day when you want to go somewhere you could just give a command to your vehicle and then the vehicle will do the rest things for you. With the help of the GNSS technology development, the UAV and UGV became a hot topic in

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Deformation Monitoring

Real time monitoring of hidden danger point changes,Fast alert per second

As the most important applications on safety, GNSS gives the significant changes on the way of implementing the deformation monitoring. More benefits and advantages are obvious of adopting the GNSS technology comparing with the traditional method. MIDE supplies various products...... from receivers to OEM boards to the integrators.

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Precision Agriculture

Farming is hard, Mide agriculture technology helps make it easy

High accuracy GNSS technologies were largely used in farming for auto guidance, auto leveling and other applications. Farmers are going to use high accuracy GNSS technologies in order to use less fertilizer, save cost and protect the environment.. While we can’t control the weather or...... crop prices, our solutions can help simplify your workflows. Easier farming with precision – it’s what we do....... from receivers to OEM boards to the integrators.

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