Introduction to A Power Grid Terminal Timing Device and Its Usage Method

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The smart grid is the intelligence of the power grid, also known as "Grid 2.0". It is built on the basis of an integrated, high-speed bidirectional communication network, and achieves the goals of reliability, safety, economy, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safe use of the power grid through the application of advanced sensing and measurement technology, advanced equipment technology, advanced control methods, and advanced decision support system technology. The timing system is an important component of the smart grid. By providing clock signals to relay protection devices, automation devices, safety and stability control systems, energy management systems, and production information management systems through clock sources, they operate based on a unified time benchmark to meet the requirements of event sequence recording, fault recording, and real-time data collection time consistency, ensuring the accuracy of line fault location, phasor and attack angle dynamic monitoring, and unit and grid parameter verification, And the analysis and stability control level of power grid accidents to improve operational efficiency and reliability, which is called power grid timing.

In order to reduce the impact of obstacles on the signal reception of the time service antenna, most of the existing Beidou time service antennas are directly exposed outdoors for time service, and even when not in use, they will still be exposed. The probability of being collided with other objects and adhering to dirt is greatly increased, which not only affects the signal reception but also reduces its service life. Therefore, a power grid terminal time service device is proposed in China.

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The power grid terminal timing device includes a protective shell, an opening and closing mechanism, a lifting plate, a fixed frame, and an antenna cleaning mechanism. The top outer wall of the protective shell is fixedly connected with a protective plate, and one side of the outer wall of the protective plate is provided with a sliding groove, in which a protective cover is arranged for sliding coordination; The circumferential inner wall of the protective shell is sequentially provided with a first vertical hollow groove, a second vertical hollow groove, and a third vertical hollow groove; The opening and closing mechanism is used to drive the protective cover to slide in or out of the sliding groove; The lower side of the lifting plate 4 is fixedly connected with an electric push rod, and the lower end of the electric push rod is connected and fixed to the lower inner wall of the protective shell; A timing antenna is fixedly connected at the center of the upper sidewall of the lifting plate; A wire retracting and releasing mechanism is connected in the second vertical hollow groove; The fixing frame is connected and fixed on the lifting plate and arranged around the timing antenna; The antenna cleaning mechanism is rotationally connected to a fixed frame to achieve cleaning of the timing antenna.

By setting up an antenna cleaning mechanism, the cleaning rod can rotate repeatedly while storing or removing the timing antenna to clean the dirt attached to the outside of the timing antenna. This can effectively reduce the impact of the attachment on the signal reception of the timing antenna; By setting the opening and closing components, the automatic opening and closing of the protective cover can be achieved when the lifting and retracting plate is moving; At the same time, by setting up a wire retracting and releasing mechanism, the wire can be retracted and released when the timing antenna is moving, avoiding wire entanglement and improving the practicality of the device.

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