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Velocity Although speed is used to describe the speed of object movement, it provides the speed and direction of object movement relative to due north. The solution for determining speed: the velocity of an object in a given direction, the relative velocity of the object.

The velocity solution from the GNSS receiver determines the direction of motion of the GNSS antenna relative to the ground, rather than the direction in which the ship, aircraft, or vehicle points or "moves forward". For example, a ship heading north but drifting south at a speed of 2 meters per second will display a speed of 2 meters per second heading south.


GNSS derivative speed is used in many industries:


Speed navigation

  • Automotive steering system

  • Accurate navigation

Speed determination

  • Variable interest rates used to allocate agricultural inputs, such as fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals

  • Vehicle testing

Speed control and monitoring system


  • Real time and task post-processing speed.

  • GNSS and GNSS/INS speeds are very suitable for high dynamic applications.

  • There are multiple formats and rates for output.

  • For the GNSS speed obtained from the average, the average cycle can be configured.

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