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Timing GNSS satellite provides the world's most accurate and stable time measurement source.

The GNSS satellite is equipped with an atomic clock, which uses an internal oscillator to provide precise timing measurements up to 20 ns. Timing solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, where precise timing is crucial for managing workflows and data.


Our GPS intelligent timing antenna is an ideal choice to meet the needs of precise timing and network synchronization, suitable for a wide range of wireless applications. This antenna utilizes the high-precision atomic clock of the satellite to transmit satellite time by receiving carrier signals transmitted by the satellite. In short, the main function of GPS timing antenna is to receive, amplify, and process satellite carrier signals to obtain accurate reference time.


System time synchronization applications

1. Cellular communication networks

2. Financial networks

Frequency/phase synchronization applications

1. Electricity grids

System time synchronization can be used:

  • Logs generated from GNSS receiver

  • Electrical connection from programmable time signal of receiver(1PPS,VARF)

  • The electronic trigger signal (MARKIN/EVENT) with time stamps is provided by external devices to the receiver



  • Accurate 1 pulse per second (PPS) and date/time information up to a level of 20 ns

  • Accurate frequency information locked to GPS atomic standards

  • Accurate time synchronization between two or more systems

  • The National Timing Laboratory is able to compare its clocks with those of other timing laboratories for global average UTC type observations

  • External oscillator input for seamless and reliable operation

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