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Smooth Positioning Trajectory Smooth processing of GNSS era data, suitable for applications such as high-precision automatic steering

Smooth positioning trajectory

Many control system applications, such as automatic steering systems, require smooth positioning. Smooth positioning solution refers to the use of special filters or algorithms to process GPS/GNSS data to create smooth trajectories and avoid sudden position jumps caused by changes in GNSS signal conditions.

In addition to creating smooth trajectories, era to era data smoothing based on GPS or GNSS also improves the usability of the solution. Smooth positioning solution is used for:


  • Guidance applications

  • Agriculture

  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

  • Robotics


Application of trajectory determination

  • mapping

  • Research


1. Real time or task post-processing solutions

2. Minimize jumps in position solutions typically associated with changes in satellite geometry

3. Bridges with partial or even complete interruption of GPS or GNSS signals within a short period of time

4. Utilize more observation values in position calculation to better detect observation errors

5. Output provided in different formats

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