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Interference Mitigation Measure the level of RF spectrum and apply software filters to protect the measurement quality of GNSS, in order to improve measurement accuracy.

MIDE receivers track GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo on multiple frequencies to achieve their renowned accuracy and performance. Other devices operating in the radio spectrum typically cause unintentional interference within the GNSS signal frequency band. To cope with this interference, MIDE has developed an interference toolkit for our receiver to measure RF spectrum levels and apply mitigation tools to protect the quality of GNSS measurements. Even in challenging RF environments, high-quality multi frequency and multi constellation positioning performance can be maintained.




  • Easy to monitor, quantify, and eliminate interference sources that affect receiver performance 

  • Manually implementing and managing digital filters to eliminate interference 

  • Intelligent interference detection and mitigation using automatic mode 

  • Front/rear performance indicators display the effectiveness of digital filters 

  • Include in all OEM7 ®  On the platform

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