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Heading Calculate the position of the object relative to due north in the measurement. Also known as yaw in the definition of inertial navigation positioning systems.

GNSS heading technology determines where an object is pointing with respect to true north on the horizontal plane (also referred to as yaw in Inertial Navigation System (INS) applications).


MIDE's heading solution is suitable for determining the direction of many objects

Applications include:


  • Point to application:

  • Satellite/communication antenna

  • Excavator/Drilling

  • Airplanes and ships

Relative vector determination:


Vehicle to vehicle

Helicopter landing

Automated Ship Docking System



  • A real-time and task post-processing heading solution

  • Provide GNSS independent system and GNSS/INS system

  • User customizable output direction framework

  • Output can be in different formats


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