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Receiver Model: INS-YI100C

INS-YI100C supports two working modes: mobile station and base station. It can be used as a portable mobile base station and a network base station to realize low-cost network CORS networking scheme.

GNSS Receiver X200

X200 has built-in high-precision positioning board, which can realize high-precision positioning function.The receiver has a built-in 4G module, which can easily realize device networking and transmit data to the remote server.

GNSS Receiver X200R

The X200R supports both mobile and base station working modes, and supports MQTT,NTRIP and TCP communication.

GNSS Receiver LPY2201A

LPY2201A is a dual star dual band anti-interference antenna that includes 6 conventional B3 receiving unit, 1 high-precision B3 receiving unit and 1 high-precision GPS L1 receiving unit.

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