What Technologies Are Used in Precision Agriculture?

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Precision agriculture is an agricultural application and practice system, including a virtuous circle of information collection - information decoding - input optimization - field practice. Information and data are the core of precision agriculture. First, it is necessary to collect crop-related information, as well as external information that affects crop growth, and then conduct statistical analysis and interpretation of information through a series of software application technologies, It is also presented to relevant agricultural personnel, including growers or agricultural technical service personnel, in the form of websites or mobile apps, to guide agricultural field practice activities, achieve the purpose of precision planting, precision irrigation, precision spraying, etc., so as to obtain the highest yield and maximum economic benefits. What technology is used in precision agriculture?

Automatic navigation

The rapid development and maturity of Beidou have greatly improved the accuracy of the global satellite positioning system. In the agricultural field, GPS can track and monitor the operation process of farmers' agricultural machinery, and automatically navigate and drive agricultural machinery. It is a top priority to achieve fine farmland operations.

Output monitoring

Agricultural machinery enterprises all over the world want to develop grain yield monitoring programs, but it was not until the mid-1990s that the United States developed market-oriented solutions. The founder of the American Precision Consulting Company believes that through yield monitoring, we can easily understand the changes and development of farmland and how to manage crops.

Variable rate fertilization technology

Variable control first appeared in the mid-1980s. With the development of technology and agricultural practice, variable application of fertilization has far exceeded manual fertilization. More efficient use of fertilizers has always been the direction of precision agriculture, which is also an important part of what we call precision agriculture today.

Automatic navigation driving of agricultural machinery

It integrates all automatic technologies. It is worth mentioning that agricultural machinery navigation automatic driving technology meets the imagination of farmers, retailers and precision consultants. It promotes the improvement of driving performance and reduces the probability of fatigue driving. In 2000, the utilization rate of automatic driving technology rose unprecedentedly, which also promoted the development of other technologies, such as the automatic harvesting/seeding control technology to be mentioned next.

Automatic harvesting/seeding control

In years when sprayer and nozzle did not realize automatic control, seeding control technology has not been applied in practice. Now we can clearly understand the whole process of the seed from the seed box to the field. This technology avoids missed spraying, repeated spraying or over-spraying in nontarget areas, and people become more active and controllable in the process of sowing and spraying.

Programmable controller

Agricultural producers have always been manual control equipment, and the emergence of programmable controllers has changed the rules of the game. Based on these instructions, variable rate applications can be realized. With the wide spread of wireless telemetry, remote programmable device controllers will play an increasingly important role in precision agriculture.

Tablet PC

The display screen of the tablet computer is larger than that of the mobile phone, which can intuitively display the area, type, soil nutrients, farming progress and other conditions of the regional crops. As long as the tablet computer is opened, agricultural production can be clearly seen through the agricultural remote sensing monitoring service platform.

Land leveling technology

Earth-moving machinery that uses a scraper to level the ground. The scraper is installed between the front and rear axles of the machine and can lift, tilt, rotate and extend. The action is flexible and accurate, the operation is convenient, and the site leveling has high accuracy.

GIS software

When farmland data is added to the system, we can make better decisions. GIS system provides us with a platform where we can visualize data. The color-coded graph can show the changes of all values, including the effects of soil types on insects, insect pests and crop yields. GIS has improved people's understanding of farmland, but sometimes it has revealed something that the naked eye cannot detect.

Irrigation control

 When the remote monitoring technology of irrigation control has been applied for many years, the promotion of wireless connection, mobile phone, App and base station transmission technology has provided a better foundation for irrigation water management. From the fault alarm of irrigation systems to the development of rainwater sensor systems and variable rate irrigation, irrigation control technology is becoming increasingly mature. Due to drought and other problems, it is urgent to improve irrigation levels through technology.

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