What Is GNSS Smart Antenna?

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The definition of GNSS antenna

GNSS antenna refers to the antenna that can be used in GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou and other global satellite positioning systems. It is divided into active GNSS antenna and passive GNSS antenna according to whether there is a low-noise amplifier module. The antenna form is mainly ceramic patch antenna. Four arm spiral, dual polarization PCB antenna and various linear polarization antenna types are also involved. It is widely used in remote information processing, automobile, smart grid, metering, telemetry, smart home, remote monitoring, medical and other applications.

Speaking of satellite positioning and navigation system, people will think of GPS. But now, with the rise of many satellite positioning and navigation systems, the global satellite positioning and navigation system has a new name: GNSS. At present, in addition to GPS, the "Galileo" navigation satellite system, which is jointly developed by the EU and China, is the most eye-catching in this field.

The history of GNSS antenna

As early as the mid-1990s, in order to break the monopoly position of the United States in the satellite positioning, navigation and time service markets, gain huge market benefits and increase European employment opportunities, the European Union has been committed to an ambitious civil global navigation satellite system program, called the Global Navigation Satellite System. The plan is implemented in two steps: the first step is to establish a first generation global navigation satellite system (called GNSS-1 at that time, i.e. EGNOS later built) that comprehensively uses the GPS system of the United States and the GLONASS system of Russia; The second step is to establish a second generation global navigation satellite system completely independent of the GPS system of the United States and the GLONASS system of Russia, namely the current Galileo satellite navigation and positioning system. It can be seen that GNSS is not a single constellation system, but a comprehensive constellation system including GPS, GLONASS, etc. since its inception. In recent years, GPS receiver manufacturers have introduced high-performance GNSS receivers. For example, the SmarT 78/88 and Smart 8800 of PENTAX can be upgraded to 72 channels to become a real GNSS receiver.

Introduction of MIDE GNSS smart antenna 4N11

MIDE has launched a new GNSS smart antenna 4N11M, which can be used in autonomous vehicle. It also has built-in inertial sensors, which are closely integrated with positioning and orientation engines.

GNSS smart antenna

With multi frequency and multi constellation support for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and NavIC,  4N11M can provide reliable centimeter level accuracy in various environments.

4N11M built-in inertial sensor allows close integration with the GNSS observation data in the RTK/RTX positioning and orientation engine, and continuously provides high-speed low delay output for the navigation and control system. The 4N11M has flexible interfaces, provides high-speed data transmission and configuration, and its integration features can also reduce development time. Both devices also feature intuitive 3D graphics pages that allow easy lever input, making setup easier.

This smart antenna has 336 channels, supports multiple constellations, OmniSTAR, and advanced RF spectrum monitoring. It is also equipped with flexible RS232, USB, CAN, and Ethernet interfaces. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connection functions for wireless interface and control. The new smart antenna is easy to integrate and has a solid appearance, which can provide the latest GNSS and inertial technology. This reliable, rugged and compact smart antenna is ideal for OEMs and system integrators, making it easy and fast to add high-precision positioning systems to applications.

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