What Is a Choke Ring Antenna?

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A choke ring antenna is a type of omnidirectional antenna that is used for GNSS applications. Its design consists of a central antenna element, which is surrounded by several concentric conductive rings. These antennas are known for their ability to reject multipath signals (a reflection of satellite signals from nearby objects) from a source. This includes signals reflected from ground and water surfaces, buildings, topography, vegetation, and other sources. Choke ring antennas have specially designed filters, inserted in each groove, which reduces multipath signals in both the L1 and L2 bands within the same antenna configuration. 


The construction of the choke ring antenna

Choke ring antennas are generally machined from a single billet of aluminum and consist of several concentric rings (3 to 5) of equal depth around a central ring that holds an antenna receiver. The choke rings are usually a quarter wavelength deep, in order to create a high impedance surface that prevents propagation of surface waves near the antenna and excitation of undesired modes. The net effect is a very smooth controlled pattern with low susceptibility to multipath. The entire choke ring is usually 300-450 mm in diameter and 60 mm in depth and weighs approximately 7 kg. These dimensions result in unhandy field measurement studies and thus limit their application in forestry. Choke rings function to eliminate the electromagnetic energy reflected from the Earth’s surface. The design of a choke ring is relatively standard, although some variations occur in the vertical arrangement of the rings, from flat to conical, the latter of which is used to assist in increasing signal quality from low elevations.

Due to the way this antenna is constructed, it is often enclosed in a protective cover when used for outdoor applications.

Application of choke ring antenna

As the most important application on safety, GNSS gives significant changes in the way of implementing the deformation monitoring. With multi-path suppression technology, a 3D choke ring antenna can effectively eliminate signal transmission errors. It also has anti-interference performance, which can suppress useless electromagnetic signals and prevent the receiver from being blocked by power grids, communication base stations and radio stations. Choke ring antenna features a low elevation angle, high gain, good signal reception and stable phase center, which ensures sub-millimeter positioning accuracy. At present, choke ring antennas are widely used in the field of high-precision surveying and mapping.

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