Sanhang Research Institute & Mide Communications Signed a Cooperation Agreement

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In order to further deepen industry-university-research cooperation, promote the convergence of innovative elements, cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents, promote the transfer and transformation of innovative achievements, and help technology companies improve their technological innovation capabilities, on December 14, 2022, Wang Qiang, vice president of the institute, and director of the project service department Guo Miao Miao, general manager of Guangdong Mide Communications,Kang Yuhong, and deputy general manager, Yang Fei, and relevant personnel attended the Sanhang Research Institute & Guangdong Mide Industry-University-Research Cooperation Signing and "Phased Array Antenna Industry-University-Research Center" unveiling ceremony.


About Mide

Guangdong Mide Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 18, 2016. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise specializing in research, development and production of microwave radio frequency, servo system, microwave material and radio station. The company is headquartered in Songshan Lake Park, Dongguan City. It has two R&D centers in Xi'an and Dongguan Songshan Lake. The existing registered capital is 10 million yuan, 58 R&D personnel, and an office space of nearly 1,200 square meters, various R&D, production, inspection and there are more than 20 sets of test equipment. The company has an independent and innovative R&D team. The core members are mainly from Xidian University and domestic top communication companies. It has a leading product design level, can greatly shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs, and can assist customers to quickly introduce products to the market, to meet market demand and maximize customer benefits.

The company provides technical services such as R&D and testing of antennas, RF active/passive components, RF and communication machine product performance testing and evaluation, cutting-edge communication system R&D system-level simulation design, and multi-channel wireless communication performance testing and evaluation. The main products include: shipborne phased array radar antenna, L-band low sidelobe planar array antenna, millimeter wave array antenna, broadband direction finding antenna array; one-dimensional turntable, two-dimensional servo system, stable platform/automatic leveling system; broadband with low noise amplifier, GNSS receiver, airborne direction finding and positioning receiver, built-in/external data transmission station.


Strengthen industry-university-research cooperation to boost high-quality development

In order to give full play to the advantages of the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization of both parties in terms of talent think tanks, advanced technologies, scientific and technological achievements resources, and personnel training, the two parties jointly established the "Phased Array Antenna Industry-University-Research Center" , carry out industry-university-research cooperation in related fields such as frequency nested antenna technology, innovative technology product research and development, innovative development planning, innovative talent introduction and training, and technological innovation to jointly build scientific research platforms, teams, and project co-construction, resources, and talents, achievement sharing and other long-term mechanisms, to create an all-round, in-depth, multi-form close partnership, and work together to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Finally, the two parties expressed that they will take this signing and unveiling as an entry point to comprehensively deepen cooperation, strengthen docking, carry out all-round, multi-dimensional talent and technology exchanges, promote the deep integration of industry-university-research development, fully pool the advantages of both parties, and activate industry-university-research linkages, to promote product innovation and technological progress, help corporate structure optimization, transformation and upgrading, and make greater contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Dongguan!


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