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Exhibition Name: INTERGEO

Exhibition Time: October 18, 2022 - October 20, 2022

Exhibition Address: ESSEN, Germany



The INTERGEO exhibition is the world's largest exhibition in the surveying and mapping industry. It is organized by the German Association for Surveying and Mapping, Geographic Information and Land Management. As an annual event in the surveying and mapping industry, INTERGEO covers mainstream products and technologies such as geodesy, geological information systems, geodetic data, remote sensing technology and unmanned aerial vehicles, and provides global trade for experts in the fields of geodetic surveying, geographic information and land management and communication platform. The last exhibition of INTERGEO, the German surveying, mapping and surveying exhibition, had a total area of 37,000 square meters. 514 exhibitors were from China, the United States, Russia, Dubai, India, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 17,095.

At this year's INTERGEO exhibition, nearly 600 well-known manufacturers from around the world gathered at the Essen Exhibition Center in Germany. The three-day INTERGEO 2022 attracted industry experts from all over the world to visit.

The main audience groups of INTERGEO, the German surveying, mapping and surveying exhibition, are professional audiences such as government units and counterpart professional manufacturers who are interested in purchasing. This exhibition is only open to professional audiences. The exhibition and conference cover today's mainstream technologies from geospatial surveys, and data processing to application integration. The German surveying, mapping and surveying exhibition INTERGEO has become the most well-known trade exchange platform in the industry.

Topics of the INTERGEO exhibition: cloud computing, surveying, photogrammetry, GNSS measurement systems, drones, big data analysis, GIS solutions, laser scanning, building information modeling (BIM), and smart cities.

Due to Covid-19, although Mide did not set up a booth at this exhibition, our company sent employees to visit INTERGEO2022 to learn about the latest industry trends, communicate face-to-face with customers from all over the world. There are 28 surveying, mapping, geographic information and related enterprises from China in this exhibition, such as China Survey Navigation, Supermap Software, Sinan Navigation, Chengdu Ruibo, Huaxin Antenna, Digital Green Earth, etc.

INTERGEO2023 will be held in Berlin, Germany from October 10th to 12th, 2023. At that time, our company will bring the latest products to the world stage.

About Mide

Mide is a professional manufacturer(OEM) that develops and manufactures GNSS antenna, Receivers and Solutions for high-precision positioning applications worldwide.

The products are widely used in land surveying, unmanned systems, deformation monitoring, digital construction, navigation, smart city, automatic driving and so on. For any more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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