Integrated Application of Precision Agriculture Technology

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In recent years, the Changjiang River Farm, located in Chongming, Shanghai, has comprehensively promoted the construction of modern agricultural infrastructure, including afforestation and water conservancy, relying on the construction of 1 million mu grain field infrastructure project in Shanghai. Since the integration and application of precision agricultural technology was launched in 2007, more than 15000 mu of Agricultural Internet of things the comprehensive experimental area has been built on a pilot basis.

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The precision agriculture technology integration and demonstration application project of the Changjiang River Farm, through the application of automatic control technologies such as geographic information system, global satellite positioning system and remote sensing technology, fine and accurately adjust various management measures of soil and crops according to the specific conditions of each operation unit in the field, optimize the use of various agricultural inputs to the maximum extent, so as to obtain the maximum output and economic benefits, and protect the agricultural ecological environment Land and other agricultural natural resources.

The Changjiang River farm has introduced a differential GPS system to achieve positioning accuracy higher than sub-meter level. Through the precision agriculture GIS management platform, the administrative division attribute database of the Chongming area and the basic topographic graphic database of the Changjiang River Farm have been established, including the distribution data of agricultural materials such as fields, irrigation and drainage. The interconnection with the monitoring and control systems such as weather stations, pests and diseases, soil moisture and environmental data has been realized, and the digital storage and management of all kinds of information have been realized, so that the distribution of agricultural production soil environment, production conditions, pest control records and other information. The data interface with agricultural machinery is realized, and the data such as the operation track and harvesting condition of agricultural machinery can be transmitted to the GIS system, and the variable operation can be realized in the GIS system in combination with the expert systems such as soil measurement and formula fertilization.

Through the implementation of the project, the skills of rice precision fertilization have been improved, the high yield of rice has been promoted, the level of farmland ecological environment protection has been improved, and it has played a positive role in ensuring the safe production of rice with high quality and high yield and reducing the input of nitrogen fertilizer. The application of the expert system for the diagnosis of rice diseases, insect pests and grass pests has improved the ability to identify rice diseases, insect pests and grass pests in the field. The diagnosis rate of rice diseases, insect pests and grass pests has reached more than 90%, strengthened the understanding of monitoring and safety control of rice diseases and insect pests, improved the level of green prevention and control of rice, reduced the number of chemical pesticides by 13.8%, and achieved remarkable economic benefits.

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