Deformation Monitoring for Heigou Mine Discharge Site

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GNSS automatic monitoring in Heigou mining area

The vertical height difference of the discharge site in the Heigou mining area is 800 meters, with a steep slope of about 36 degrees. Most of the waste rock dumped by the truck rolls down to the bottom of the ditch, while a small part remains on the front edge of the mining level bench, which is pushed and discharged by bulldozers, and is very dangerous.

In view of the complex and dangerous site environment, the project adopts 8 GNSS receivers and a set of GNSS automatic monitoring system, and uses GPS+Glonass+Beidou multi-satellite system for calculation. The project mainly monitors the displacement changes in the horizontal and vertical directions at the edge of the dump.

The automatic monitoring system uses mature, efficient and reliable integrated monitoring software, uses receivers to collect data, and uses solar panels for power supply. With the technical support of wireless network bridge communication, the system realizes automatic data collection, wireless data transmission, automatic processing, automatic analysis, automatic report generation, automatic alarm, full-automatic and autonomous operation monitoring function unattended throughout the process. The deformation monitoring project of Heigou Mine has been running stably since then, providing favorable technical guarantees for the deformation and safety warning of the discharge site.

GNSS automatic monitoring

GNSS automated monitoring technology for drainage field deformation monitoring has the following advantages.

  • No need to maintain a line of sight between measurement stations.
  • The three-dimensional displacement information of monitoring points can be measured simultaneously.
  • Automatic data acquisition, storage, processing and analysis.
  • 24-hour automatic monitoring.
  • mm-level accuracy can be obtained.
  • comprehensive and timely reflection of the displacement of the discharge field.
  • Stable and guaranteed system operation and low post-maintenance cost.

GNSS monitoring system

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