Customer SINCLAIR Visits Mide for Technical Exchanges and Production Line Review

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On April 14, 2023, customer SINCLAIR came to Mide for face-to-face technical exchanges after a three-year hiatus. Starting with the structural details and performance optimization of the required antenna, both parties engaged in intense discussions and exchanged innovative ideas.

Mide's optimization methods were acknowledged by the customer, who agreed to proceed with sample production and testing. After comparing the data before and after the tests, the sample report was completed and the customer requested Mide to finish the report for confirmation before carrying out batch production.

During the visit, the customer reviewed Mide's complete set of quality certification system documents and praised the company's strict adherence to production, quality control, and after-sales process requirements. The customer noted the detailed sample verification and retention procedures, rigorous supplier procurement processes, and stable supplier base.

SINCLAIR gave Mide a high evaluation, citing the company's excellent research and development capabilities and meticulous work. They expressed stronger confidence in collaborating on more projects in the future.

The visit concluded with Mide welcoming further improvement suggestions from customers and advanced ideas in technology research and development. The collision of ideas and intense discussions between Mide and customers are all about taking responsibility for ourselves, our customers, and our product quality.

Looking forward, Mide eagerly awaits more visits from customers and opportunities to provide high precision navigation and positioning products in a wider range of fields.


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