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Dam Water Level Safety Monitoring

The Yunzhi Beidou Water Conservancy Dam Safety Monitoring System calculates by real-time perception of various environmental, hydrological, deformation, structure, stress, seepage and other parameter information of the dam Analyze the overall stability of the dam, timely and accurately alarm the danger, control the development trend of the safety status of the dam for a long time, and provide scientific information for safety management data support.

Automatic Monitoring of Geological Hazards

The Yunzhi Beidou Geological Hazard Automated Monitoring Solution uses global satellite navigation satellite positioning (GNSS) technology, sensing technology, Internet of Things and cloud computing and other technologies to monitor deformation, stress and strain, disaster-bearing environment, mud level change, rainfall and other contents in real time, and integrate data collection, transmission, and display. It provides a full range of monitoring solutions for a complete set of information systems to realize real-time collection, real-time transmission and real-time early warning of geological hazard monitoring indicators.

Mine Safety Monitoring

The mine safety monitoring system is mainly for open-pit mines, tailings, etc. for slope surface displacement monitoring, deep displacement monitoring, dry beach monitoring, reservoir water level monitoring, infiltration line water level monitoring, rainfall monitoring, video surveillance, 24-hour online automatic monitoring of tailings pond deformation, when the deformation reaches the early warning value of the system automatic warning, so that the responsible departments can take emergency measures in time to ensure safety.

Landslide Monitoring

Highway slope safety monitoring mainly monitoring content deformation monitoring, deep displacement, groundwater level, rainfall, etc., through the sensor to the slope deformation force, slope tilt and slide, environment and other project data monitoring and collection, the communication technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology and cloud platform combined, management personnel can timely understand the slope status, to ensure the safety of the site environment.

Monitoring of Tunnel Deformation

MIDE has established a scientific and perfect tunnel deformation monitoring and early warning system to realize the scientific, informational, standardized and visualized tunnel deformation monitoring and management, provide a scientific basis for disaster prevention and mitigation decision-making, lay the foundation for improving the quality, efficiency and management level of tunnel deformation monitoring and prevention work, and provide a set of reliable, practical and professional tunnel deformation monitoring and early warning system solutions for land and resources, environmental monitoring departments and related enterprises.

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