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Helix Antenna

GNSS Helix Antenna

Professional helix antenna is a sophisticated helix-shaped design of GNSS antenna, can send and receive polarized electromagnetic signals rotating in space. Use unbalanced feeder, such as coaxial cable to connect the antenna, the center of the cable is connected to the helix part of the antenna, and the sheath of the cable is connected to the reflector.

Sophisticated gps helical antenna design for high precision positioning services and excellent tracking of satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou. . Its RTK level positioning accuracy makes it ideal to be integrated into application as surveying and mapping, and various UAVs operations.

Key Features

* Helical antennas are small, lightweight, and require no ground plane, making them adaptable and easily retrofittable, Helical antennas are ideal for UAV applications.

* Multi-band Capability: These gnss helix antennas cover multiple frequency bands, including GPS/GLONASS-L1/L2, BD B1/B2/B3, and GALILEO E1/E2/E5a/E5b, providing comprehensive coverage for various applications.

* Advanced Patented D-QHA Technology Ensures reliable signal tracking at low elevation angle.

* High Precision Positioning: GPS helix antenna's stable phase center ensures millimeter-level positioning accuracy.

Gnss Helical Antenna Application Field

The sophisticated helix antenna design allows GNSS helix antennas to be widely used in UAVs. In this way, UAV aerial survey has the characteristics of flexibility, high efficiency, low operation cost, wide application range and short production cycle. In recent years, the UAV industry has developed rapidly. Sophisticated helix antenna has been widely used in surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, disaster monitoring, traffic patrolling , security monitoring and other fields. Especially in field work, it reduces the workload of operators and speeds up the operation efficiency.

GPS/GNSS Helix Antenna Manufacturer

Mide as a professional helix antenna manufacturer and supplier, providing high gain sophisticated helix GPS/GNSS antenna development and design, our helix antennas are used in various antenna solutionsWelcome to contact us for professional helical antennas!

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LSY4N12A is a four-star full frequency spiral antenna, which has the characteristics of small size, high positioning accuracy and light weight.

Full-frequency GNSS helical antenna LSY4N13A

LSY4N13A is a high-precision GNSS spiral antenna, which is widely used in unmanned driving, handheld terminal equipment and small RTK equipment.


LSY3701A is a high-performance GNSS antenna, which is mainly used in navigation dispatch, tracking monitoring, disaster monitoring, aerial photography, power inspection, traffic patrol, etc.

GNSS Four-arm Helix Antenna LSY3701C

LSY3701C is a small size and light weight high-precision GNSS helix antenna, which is widely used in unmanned driving, drones, handheld terminal equipment and small RTK equipment.

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