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GNSS Aviation Antenna

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GNSS Aviation Antenna

The aviation GNSS antenna is a high gain, low wind resistance type antenna. The design is compact, beautiful in appearance, high sensitivity, low power consumption and other characteristics, which greatly improves the accuracy and speed of high-speed motion carrier positioning. This high performance aviation antenna provides excellent tracking of satellite signals including BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO types. Aviation GNSS RTK antenna can be perfectly matched with all-purpose general mainstream boards, plug-and-play. Widely used in aerospace, precision agriculture, vehicle-mounted positioning and other occasions, especially suitable for the field of high-precision positioning and orientation of UAVs, is also a kind of aircraft GNSS antenna. 

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Compact & Small GNSS Aviation Antenna LHY3602A

LHY3602A has the characteristics of high gain, miniaturization, high sensitivity, multi-system compatibility and high reliability, which can effectively meet the needs of users.

High gain GNSS Aviation Antenna LHY3703A

LHY3703A supports RECEIVING of GPS+ GLONASS+ Beidou signal and is compatible with multiple systems, which can effectively meet the user's requirements.

High sensitivity GNSS Aviation Antenna LHY3704A

LHY3704A adopts multi-feed point design to ensure the coincidence of antenna phase center and geometric center and improve the measurement accuracy.

Four Star GNSS Aviation Antenna LHY3705A

LHY3705A features a multi-point feeding deign to achieve greater phase center stability. It effectively improves measurement accuracy and provides better positioning solution.

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