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Break through the boundary of GNSS industry and explore more applications of GNSS technology

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Company Overview

MIDE is a professional manufacturer of satellite navigation and positioning equipment, focusing on the research and development, production, and sales services of high-precision satellite navigation and positioning, mobile satellite communication, mobile communication, receivers, and RF modules. The product is widely used in survey mapping, UAV, deformation monitoring, Vehicle, Robots digital construction, aerospace, navigation, smart cities, autonomous driving, mobile communication, precision agriculture, and military fields.


Innovation is the key to success. The company has always adhered to technological innovation as the driving force for development, and has successively developed a series of products such as measurement equipment, onboard equipment, aircraft equipment, handheld equipment, reference station equipment, missile borne equipment, anti-interference equipment, mobile communication equipment, receiver equipment, timing equipment, and RF modules. It has applied for more than 30 patents, covering domestic invention, utility model, and appearance patents. and has also established long-term cooperation with multiple top universities and research institutes, and its technology has reached the leading level in the industry.


The company covers an area of 2500square meters and has an annual output of over 500000 sets. The company has gathered a group of senior technical talents, of which R&D personnel account for 40%. With professional technology and a mature team, it has rapidly grown and continuously developed, standing out in the same industry. It continuously provides comprehensive solutions and high-quality products and services to domestic and foreign customers.


More than 80% of our R&D and design team members have bachelor's and master's degrees, and come from top universities .The core members of the R&D team come from top wireless communication companies around the world, with a leading level of wireless communication product design. They have obtained multiple invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents and have been engaged in wireless communication product development for many years,having rich experience in wireless communication product design. Therefore, we have enough ability to shorten the development cycle significantly and reduce development costs, assist customers in quickly introducing products into the market, meet market demand, and maximize customer benefits.

MIDE is committed to providing intelligent and technological innovation services to meet everyone's demand for high-precision real-time navigation and positioning, Promoting the development of global satellite navigation industry and mobile communication industry。We strive to become a benchmark enterprise for high-precision navigation equipment and continue to provide customers with comprehensive high-precision positioning solutions.

Products Applications

Survey Mapping & Geodetic

Survey Mapping & Geodetic

Survey Mapping & Geodetic

Survey Mapping & Geodetic

Recruiting Dealers

Recruiting Dealers

MIDE has established a broad network of distributors over the world .In this highly competitive field of high precision GNSS antennas, the development of global distribution partnerships has been a major key to our growth. In order to better respond to customer needs and realize customer value, Mide hopes to cooperate with the strong channel partners or a wide range of solution partners to meet the diverse needs in the future and succeed together, we will provide you with professional channel management experience to increase your sales and revenue.

Policy Support

If you are our GNSS antennas distributor, we will give the distributor the greatest profit guarantee and develop together. You would have much more support from us as below:

  • Dealer Friendly Pricing Mechanism

  • Sales Lead Support

  • Technical and Product Training

  • Partner Conference and Exhibition Shows Invitation

  • Marketing Resources and Tools Support

  • Sample Support for Big Projects

  • After-sales Training

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • New product development

Why Choose Us?

MIDE adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, responsibility, innovation and dedication" and the business philosophy of "integrity based" to provide users with professional and high-quality services.


Customer praise


Cooperative dealers


National patent/soft copy


High quality customer base

Quality Control & Warranty Policies

Quality Control

Mide technology always places top priority on product quality rather than simply on the price. We strictly produce every piece of GNSS antenna and receiver according to the ISO standard. We conduct complete testing cycle followed by the initial QC to ensure delivering excellence to overseas customers.

Hat we calibrate

Vibration and drop test; Water immersion test; Over 7-hour high/low-temperature test; Signal tacking capability test Positioning performance test

Warranty Period

Our products are supplied with a one-year warranty & lifetime support, starting on the day the product was manufactured, as shown on the product label.

Technical Support

We offers professional 24/7 technical support service, and we guarantee that your questions will be responded by Skype, E-mail,and telephone within 24 hours.

Warranty Procedure

During the warranty period, we will either repair or replace defective GNSS antennas or accessories.

1. To obtain a replacement product, the customer must return the defective unit to the point of purchase with prepaid shipping;

2. If defects were found, we will pay for the shipping cost to return the product to the customer.

3. If no faults were found, the customer will be responsible for the product return shipping costs.

Warranty Conditions

The following conditions are not covered by the standard warranty:

1. Non-conformities, defects, or errors in the products due to:

negligent use,
use in other than a normal and customary manner
environmental conditions not conforming to the specifications, or
failure to follow prescribed installation, operating, and maintenance procedures.

2. Defects, errors, or non-conformities in the products due to modifications, alterations, additions, or changes not made in accordance with the specifications or authorized by us.

3. Products designated by us as test, experimental, developmental, pre-production, samples, incomplete, or out of specification;

4. Damage caused by force of nature (lightning, fire, wind, etc.) or act of any third person;

5. Products whose original identification marks have been removed or altered;

6. Normal wear and tear;

7. Shipping damage;

8. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or injury arising directly or indirectly out of the purchase, installation, operation, or use of products.

9. In no event shall We be liable for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind or nature due to any cause.

Our Team

Technology TeamProduction TeamQuality Control Team
Technology Team

Technology Team

The company has gathered a group of senior technical talents, of which R D personnel account for 40%.Some R&D engineers are from land surveying GNSS industry and they got the full knowledge of offering "accurate" solutions to those land surveyors. Every day we are inspired by constant innovation to break through the boundary of GNSS industry and explore more applications of GNSS technology. We provide robust whole GNSS industry products and reliable high-precision solutions to transform working ways more efficiently.

Production Team

Production Team

This is a young team composed of post-80s and post-90s, with an average age of about 25. This is a hard-working and enterprising team, and all people are always busy shuttling through the production line. This is a vigorous and progressive team, striving to improve the product qualification rate, and has won many honors, such as excellent pioneer, advanced individual and advanced team. With simple style and firm steps, the team has come out of its own characteristics and highlights.

Quality Control Team

Quality Control Team

Spawning from GNSS RTK technology innovations and maintaining our high quality of products and services continues to drive us today. We always places top priority on product quality rather than simply on the price. We strictly produce every piece of GNSS antenna and receiver according to the ISO standard. We conduct complete testing cycle followed by the initial QC to ensure delivering excellence to overseas customers.



General Manager

Mide is the professional manufacturer OEM that develops and manufactures GNSS antenna, Receivers and Solutions for high-precision positioning applications worldwide.

As the General Manager of the Company, Cherry is responsible for leading the strategic direction of business development of the Company, committed to providing better services for customers and creating higher performance for the Company.

Cherry graduated from Xi'An Foreign University in 2002, she has excellent leadership, organizational and synthesis coordination capacities, moreover, she has stronger prospective consciousness and innovative thinking.

Over the past 20 years, from a novice learning the approaches of foreign trade industry, she has rapidly grown into a high-end elite proficient in the foreign trade field with specialized knowledge of GNSS High-Precision positioning and mastering team management skills and extensive sales resources. In addition to outstanding personal sales performance, the team she leads also has brilliant achievements in the industry. By virtue of her deep understanding and macroscopic vision of foreign trade, and senior operational experience in market development, operation and management, she researches and determines the operation thoughts and development concept of the Company, which vigorously promotes the foreign sales of GNSS Timing antenna, Surveying and mapping antenna and other products to acquire outstanding achievements.

Success is the result of the struggle to overcome difficulties and obstacles.------Cherry



Quality Control Manager

Working Experience:

18 years of Quality control experience.

He established effective product quality and safety management mode and develop product inspection plans and standardsfor MIDE company. He has strong sense of responsibility, till now, there is no any return or complaint due to bad quality.

Actions speak louder that works ------Kevin



Research and Development Manager

Working Experience:

Michelle graduated from Hangzhou University of Electronic Science & Technology, 15 years of GNSS high-precision positioning antenna experience.

Published over 40 scientific papers and obtained 34 invention patent authorizations.

Hosted and participated in more than 10 national and provincial-level scientific research projects Main research directions: ultra wideband antenna design, metamaterial design, etc.

Mastery of work comes from diligent application, and success deponds on forethought. -----Michelle

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